Professional Networking Tactics: LinkedIn

Since it’s launch in 2003, business-orientated social site LinkedIn has grown to have 347 million users as of 2015, 39 million of those being recent graduates. In the modern day of technology, LinkedIn has allowed users to provide a vast amount of information from “previous jobs” to “causes you care about”. According to the Huffington Post, LinkedIn is the most powerful marketing tool of the 21st century.

How to be successful at personal branding on LinkedIn:

Number One: Build a strong foundation profile to market yourself. Fill out every section in your profile to create an in-depth snapshot of your professional achievements, volunteer projects and skills to be endorsed. Upload a respectable and polished profile picture which suggests you are serious about employment opportunities. Create a comprehensive profile sharing true and correct information which has the potential to spark employers’ interest.

Number Two: Build a large and intelligent network of contacts. Send invitations to people within your industry and people who can possibly help drive your career forward. The more connections you make, the bigger the pool of “People you may know”  becomes and this subsequently grows your network.

Number Three: Check who views your profile & view there’s back. After creating a full profile and accumulating a collection of links, you will most likely have a few red flag notifications alerting you of who has ‘viewed your profile’. Via Homepage, or People You May Know, whoever has viewed your profile most likely has second or third degree linking connections that have directed them to your page.

Number Four: Constantly update your profile. With the growth of Social Media, it is expected that you keep others updated and in the loop with new ventures in career or person life. Updating your profile with your latest career achievement will keep employers aware of your progress and future plans.


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