3 “DON’T’s of Social Media

Social media is a tool used in the 21st century by both individuals and businesses to share photos, videos and interact with followers and friends. As social media ‘experts’ have provided endless amounts of information online how to use social media positively, it is definitely a two-way street and there are rules to be followed that are ‘do not do’s’. In order to make positive relationships, use social media networks as a positive, the unofficial law book must be abided by and strictly followed in order to develop your business and its reputation. Below are a list of ‘don’t do’s’ when using social media to increase your businesses image.

#1- Don’t keep posting similar items

When using a social media such as Facebook which allows you to post photos, videos and record live, having a variety of different post types is a must. In order to keep consumers interested, providing a variety of post types and advertise and promote a variety of different topics and events is essential. Ensure that what your viewers are getting across all of your social media platforms is creative, innovative and most importantly, there is a variety!

#2- Don’t criticise your competitors

Create, don’t compete. The whole objective to using these social media platforms is to positively promote and advertise YOUR business. By criticising competitors does two things; firstly, it draws attention to the competitor which therefore give them more exposure than your business. Secondly, it creates a negative image for your business which people will be more reluctant to following and force them to be disinterested in future posts made.

#3- Don’t only push your product

These ‘social’ media platforms are for interacting and creating relationships. Although there is a product to be promoted, gaining positive customer relationships and different networks is just as important, if not more important. Through doing this, will allow your product to be automatically promoted and more highly regarded in the long run. Grab hold of every opportunity to form new relationships and networks.

#4- Don’t make promises you can’t keep

The last thing your customers want is a promise made by your business that you cannot keep. For example, if you have promised that there will be a 24/7 social media manager for your company and they are not getting near instant replies, you have broken your promise. Be realistic about what you can do on social media, this will keep your business genuine and your customers clear on what to expect from your business.


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