Using Facebook for your business

With today’s society being so heavily reliant on technology, businesses are now making the most of their use of technology through social media platforms. With the likes of LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube and Facebook all being free social media platforms used by billions of people worldwide, businesses are use all forms of social media to promote and advertise on a daily basis.

Facebook is the leading social media network with an estimated 1.13 billion people logging on each day. For businesses using Facebook, the ability to be able to post photos for advertisement, videos, links and more recently go ‘live’ are all features that are available to enhance a business by using the tools Facebook has to offer. A great example of a business using Facebook for professional use is the National Rugby league (NRL). The NRL has a massive fan base through Facebook with over one and a quarter million people liking their page. The NRL use Facebook to keep their fans up-to-date with the latest video highlights, links to live score updates, upcoming events and consistent posts advertising their business and the game of Rugby league in general.

By the use of Facebook being the primary source of social media for the NRL to advertise and promote their product, this allows for all consumers to have interactive updates and information through instant replies on posts, video footage, informative photographic posts and the interactive live coverage. In addition to this, businesses are also subject to comments and suggestions made by their consumers which help generate a greater network for the business and therefore help grow the business and increase its use of Facebook in a professional sense.


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